Acculturation Program

Acculturation Program for International Nurses and other health care professionals.

Promote recruitment and retention of your international nurses by supporting their integration into your institution.

Enhance client satisfaction and retention by maximizing the potential of your international nurses.

Improve employee satisfaction and morale by providing cross-cultural training for both incoming and receiving staff.

Reduce the cost of content development by using our theory, research, and experience-based program.

Focus on your core competencies, while we focus on facilitating the incoming nurses' adjustment to the United States.

International nurses (INs) are competent, well-educated, and compassionate professionals. However, most of the concerns that US managers have about INs involve communication and cultural and interpersonal difficulties.

We can help help you shorten the cultural learning curve for your INs, through our theory and research-based methods in cross-cultural communication training and international transitions support.

Customized services to meet your organizational needs:

Pre-departure training
In-country cultural orientation
Continuing cultural transitions support
Individual transitions coaching
Cultural competency continuing education classes
Program Design Consultation

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